Memorizing and Learning Numbers | Bluebells Montessori Preschool
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Memorizing and Learning Numbers

Memorizing and Learning Numbers

Most parents are happy when their child(ren) are able to memorize numbers and they feel that this proves they have learnt about numbers. However, this is not so as they are unaware of the fact that memorizing and learning are similar but different. Though memorizing is a fundamental tool in the general learning process, it is merely a part of learning. When we memorize we are only able to repeat the information in its exact state and not able to mentally improve on it, meanwhile when we learn we understand the information at a deeper level such that if called upon we can explain and defend that information. In other words, memorizing believes that there’s only one answer to one question while Learning believes that there are multiple answers to one question.

A Child who only memorizes numbers 1 – 10 is only able to recite it properly but is unable to relate these numbers to actual objects, meanwhile another child who has learnt about numbers is able to not only recite these numbers but also relate it to objects correctly because he/she understands that the number 1 is equal to a single object and so on.

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